Bullet Points Monthly–published in conjunction with the bi-weekly Bullet Points Podcast–features four writers, across four weeks, publishing four articles focused on an individual videogame.

Our editorial staff currently consists of Reid McCarter (Playboy, GQ, Kill Screen), Ed Smith (Vice, Edge), Astrid Budgor (Real Life, Unwinnable) and previously included Jess Joho (Rolling Stone, Paste, Vice) and Patrick Lindsey (Paste, Polygon). For three weeks of the month, each of us contributes an article whilst our fourth entry will be written by a guest.

Bullet Points Monthly aims to look at videogames (particularly new, mainstream releases) through exploratory criticism, using a monthly format to carefully consider the most fascinating and important aspects of contemporary games.

We feature long-form articles that look to place games in a wider cultural context, examining their relationship to our greater world much in the same manner as other forms of art and entertainment like film, books, and music.

For inquiries, comments, or questions, please email contact@bulletpointsmonthly.com. We can also be reached through Twitter @BulletPointsPod.